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durch  |  22-May-2015 03:14

They also offer information on the many sights around town, which include Das Bonner Munster, which is a beautiful basilica, Kreuzbergkirche, which is a nice church, Poppelsdorfer Schloss and Botanical Gardens, Alter Friedhof, a historic cemetary, and Sudstadt, with many impressive buildings.

Some interesting museums in the area are Beethoven-Haus, August Macke Haus, and Haus der Geschichte.

The city's location also makes it a great base for day trips to Cologne, Dusseldorf, and the Rhine and Eifel regions. Because it is located only a few kilometers to the south of the Cologne Basin Valley, it is part of one of the country's warmest regions along the Rhine River.

There's a strong student culture in the city as well, and it actually shares many characteristics with Italian cities because of its many cafes and restaurants which line the streets.

Outdoor beer gardens are popular and Bonn is a particular good summer destination when the weather is pleasant and you can enjoy the outdoor setting.

Many people travel to Bonn for conferences and business, but Bonn also has a lot of cultural and historical sights to offer visitors.

The city is also famous as the birth place of Ludwig van Beethoven.

There's also a weekly market, many pubs and restaurants and some important historic sights.

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