gratis dating plattform Leverkusen - Single chamber septic tank design

durch  |  28-Mar-2016 11:20

This allows an airflow through the chambers and up through the soil vent pipe keeping the contents sweet and allowing an aerobic 'crust' to form on the top of the effluent.

There is an airflow passage through the baffle between the 2 chambers.

This allows smells to travel from the last chamber, through the first chamber and back up the pipework to the soil vent pipe on the house wall.

Under the new General Binding Rules (Environment Agency) all existing septic tanks that discharge to ditches and other watercourses MUST be replaced with Sewage Treatment Plants by 1st January, 2020, or befofore this date if the property is sold.

A better choice is a sewage treatment plant which can discharge directly to a ditch, stream, etc.

We have many customers who cannot use them after they have been purchased.

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